18 Nail Art Hacks Everyone Should Know

Hacks are all about making your life easier with some nice tricks that everyone can do. There are life hacks and hacks for pretty much everything! And you can also have some nail hacks that will make painting and taking care of them so much easier by doing some surprisingly simple tricks. You’d be surprised how easy some of them are. And the verified Youtube channel cutepolish has uploaded a video showing 18 simple nail hacks to make your life way easier. So, shall we go right in?

18 Nail Art Hacks Everyone Should Know

1 – Want to push back your cuticles and you don’t have any cuticle pusher? Don’t worry! Just apply some nail oil around your nail and then carefully push your cuticles back using your finger. Nice!

2 – Out of base coat and you want to get creative? You can just use top coat as your base coat. It works just fine for most use cases.

3 – Tired of spending lots of money on polish? There’s an online store called Hollar where you’ll find lots of nail polishes for half the retail price. You should have a look.

4 – Have some stickers laying around? Just apply some polish over them to see how they look in real life. You can paste them on your polish bottle, as a little preview.

5 – Polishes are also perfectly mixable. You can mix some of them to get your completely unique color.

6 – Don’t have many different polishes, or just plain colors? You can use eyeshadow as a highlight over a white base. It can create a really unique shade.

7 – Tired of shades looking thin while applying them? Just use a white base and let it dry, then apply your favorite shade.

8 – Want to get the perfect French tip? Just use polish remover to clean up excess polish.

9 – You can also conceal a bad French tip using some glitter. Fixes pretty much everything.

10 – Don’t own a dotting tool? Don’t worry, you can use many different household items as dotting tools.

11 – Need to clean up excess quickly? Just use a small brush to get the job done.

12 – Get a more professional look by simply applying some more polish over the edge of the tip.

13 – Don’t have striping tape? Regular tape with nail polish will get it done quickly.

14 – Want to fix a big smudge? Just use a q-tip, dip it in nail polish remover and gently push the mistake back into place, then reapply your polish of choice.

15 – You can paint pretty much any design you want on a plastic bag and make it your own decal. Apply your design, then some clear coat, put it over your nail. Simple!

16 – Not nail-related, but you can actually remove smudges off your shoe using polish remover!

17 – If you love 3D nail decor, you can use pencils or crayons to push down rhinestones on your nails.

18 – Want healthy looking hands? Apply some lotion, rub it over your hands, then put on some plastic gloves. Let them soak before removing them.

Did any of these tricks help you?



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