20 Elegant nail art designs

There are nail designs for every occasion, and you can also be creative with your nails while still being formal and elegant. That’s why we have made this list including 20 different nail styles focusing on being elegant and stylish at the same time. Without going much further, here goes the list.


20 Elegant ideas for nail art designs

elegant nail art These matte blue nails with silver highlights go well with every occasion and look great.

elegant nail art Or you can also combine different kinds of highlights and glitter with blue and pink to obtain an unique and fantastic look.

elegant nail art We’ve featured this nail art style before, and that’s because it really goes well with everything. White, silver and glitter are a winning combination.

elegant nail art This is also a previously featured design, featuring green and bronze in an abstract, worn out combination.

elegant nail art This nail design features different geometric shapes and combines different styles of polish and highlights for an eye catching nail design.

elegant nail art This design goes down to the basics, with a simple polish and a basic, golden highlight.

elegant nail art Why not trying out these marble nails, using and mixing many different polishes to achieve this one of a kind look.

elegant nail art This design goes down to the basics while using an animal print design sure to catch some eyes.

elegant nail art

elegant nail art These brown nails look really elegant by themselves, while the light triangle only makes it better.

elegant nail art

These baby blue glittered nails are accompanied by an elaborate, multicolor checkpoint design made to impress.

elegant nail art

These black and pink nails have black and silver highlights, an uncommon combination that is sure to make everyone look.

elegant nail art

Why not go even more fancy with this multicolored effect? It looks really interesting and stylish at the same time.

Feeling a bit creative? Why not drawing some flamingos and patterns? It’s not as hard as it looks.

elegant nail designs Continuing with the animal print trend here’s a design that goes all in, painting the back of the nail with this pattern.

elegant nail designs If there’s something we have learned over the course of time is that glitter goes well with everything.

elegant nail designs These red nails look pretty good in themselves, and the flower stamp only makes it look better.

elegant nail designs Glittered black polish is a winning combination paired with a natural base and some highlights.

elegant nail designs And following that same line, here we have a pure golden design with golden glitter.

elegant nail designs And wrapping up with this good looking flower patterns with purple and black lines.



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