20 nail art designs that are trend

It’s good to follow the trends closely and having a sense of fashion for your nails. That’s why you should consider trying out these 20 nail art designs that are currently trending on social networks. Featuring a whole array of colors and combinations that are really unique and good looking, you really can’t go wrong with any of these. So, let’s see these designs.

trend nail art

20 nail designs that will inspire you

This design features pink and navy blue with some glitter for a really trending and modern design that goes good with pretty much everything, formal and informal.

It’s amazing how much you can do and change by simply adding a black outline and some jewelry to your basic baby pink nails. Why not?

This design uses black and white stripes with different width. It could be compared to a mono chromatic bee, or maybe even a zebra.

These matte nails remind us of dresses and some other clothes, and it’s a really original design to use on your nails.

Don’t be afraid to get crazy, and add your own personal touch as this artist did while designing this eye catching set of nails.

If you ever played Pokemon you might be familiar with this pattern, used by the cute Togepi, so take your lacquer of choice and draw inspiration from it.

Ever tried out animal print designs on your nails? This one is perfect since it complements any regular nail design perfectly.

Maybe you want something a little more exotic and artistic? This one can fit the bill perfectly.

Abstract paintings have become more and more common these days, and nowadays we can find some pretty good paintings, like these nails.

This nail paint has a little original twist, with little bits of black that can give your nails an unique look with minimal effort.

This worn out golden design is currently trending on Instagram, featuring the looks of an old gold painting over a navy blue canvas.

Some simple shapes to brighten up your day, complementing them with glitter, it’s sure to stand out from a crowd.

This design features long nails, gold glitter, gold paint, and white, combined in an unique way that will catch everyone’s eyes.

I’ve always liked the combination of black and red, and if you’re looking for a bloody styled design, this is perfect for you.

Featuring a dotted line and some sparky colors, these ones have the perfect spark of craziness and playfulness you need.

A modern twist on a classic design, featuring glitter to make it stand out from a crowd.

Shine like a rainbow with this nail polish featuring all kinds of color ranges and bright colors.

We’ve seen nails decorated with hearts. Use the heart as the main element to get this cute looking design.

Animal print never goes out of fashion, and you can combine it with bright colors, natural parts and some other decorations.

Finally, if you’re fond of cubism and modern art, this design is perfect since it features the bright colors needed to shine without glitter.

Did you like any of these?



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