4 Cool and Minimal Nail art Desings

On Pinterest and Instagram, over complicated nail art designs are the rule of every day, and more simplistic and minimalist nail arts don’t get the recognition they deserve. As some people say, sometimes less is more. And you can make your nails stand out with these 4 ideas, made in detail in this video. So, ditch the complicated designs and go straight ahead with these nail arts!

These nail art designs were made and showcased by rising youtuber JauntyJuli, which has currently over 50 thousand subscribers. All of these designs look pretty cool, and you can easily recreate them with the above video.

4 minimalist style nail art designs


  • Kolinsky Hair Brush #0000′ Winstonia
  • KBShimmer ‘Fillin Groovy’ Base Coat
  • Sinful Colors ‘Snow Me White’
  • Londontown Lakur ‘Chim Cher-ee’
  • Wet’N’Wild ‘Stay Classy’
  • Mosi Mei ‘Modern’
  • Wide Striping tape
  • Black Striping tape
  • Black Triangle decor
  • Wet’N’Wild ‘Top Coat’
  • KBShimmer ‘Oh Matte!’ Matte Top Coat’

First of all, she shows off what she calls the “yin and yang” design. This one is pretty easy to do, as you just need some wide striping tape. Put them in the middle of each nail in both of your hands, then it’s pretty simple from here. Apply some white nail polish on the right side, then some black polish on the left side. Then, just take off the striping tape, remove any excess, and cover everything up with your favorite top coat. The result looks pretty stunning indeed.

Then, she shows off a pretty interesting looking one. You just need to apply the base coat, which in this case is a rusty pink color, before laying down a single stripe of black striping tape over the middle of the nail. Repeat this with all 10 nails before applying your top coat in order to secure the striping tape in place.

For this next design, you’re going to lay down some wide striping tape over the naked nail diagonally, then apply some stripes using white polish on one side. Remove the tape and apply your top coat, and from there you should be good to go. Looks pretty stunning for such a simple design.

And finally, the most complicated one. Get some scotch tape and cut it so that it looks like a triangle. Apply some polish, remove the tape and correct the lines. Add some thin black triangles on top, then add your top coat to secure that in place.

Source: JauntyJuli

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