45 red nail art designs you can’t stop trying

We all know that when it comes to impressing and giving a fashion touch to our look, red nails never fail us. This is why we present 45 ways to decorate them.

Classic Red Nails

Red on your nails is a color that, will always make your nails stand out and look well cared for. It is elegant and you can use it to give a more fun touch to your look. The classic technique is to completely paint your nail in red, and, as you know, the classics will never go out of style.

Long and square red nails

If you want to risk a little more, but prefer to stick with the classic technique, you can try and play with the shape of your nails. Whether natural or not, long and square nails are an interesting option.

Red nails on the feet

There is nothing better than painting your toenails red. While you can combine them with your hands, it is also a way to beautify another part of your body for when you wear your favorite heels or summer sandals.

Red nails to complete your outfit

There are some days when you want a monochrome outfit and you decide at the end that you need a touch of color. Painting your nails red and combining them with your accessories is a great way to do it. You will see that the dress you want to wear will never be a basic piece. The trick is in the details.

Red nails with triangles and diamonds

For those who prefer to decorate their nails in a more subtle way, we have a solution. Paint your nail and leave only a small part without color, in this case in the form of a triangle, and then add a diamond or stone of your choice.

Red nails with golden dots

This is a great trend that you can easily apply with the tip of the brush of your enamel, you can use the color you like the most, but I recommend this shade of gold that contrasts with red and gives a sophisticated look.

Red nails that match your look

Sometimes more is better, so if you like the color red and your skin color complements it, opt for a total red look, from your clothes, lips and of course nails. Add just a little touch of another color so your outfit is not boring as well as our suggestion, with a beautiful brown hat. But don’t forget that whenever you add a color, you must combine it with other colors

Pointy red nails

This is a well-known trend in our times. Punctuated nails can be seen in most famous actresses and personalities. Continue with a classic line, painting only the nails red, and let the shape do the rest.

Wine red nails

For those who like red, but do not feel comfortable with such a bright color, we have the proposal of wine red nails. These give a more sophisticated touch to your look.

Red nails with tartan print

Creativity has no limits, so you can go from a simple red color to an elaborate tartan print, inspired by the fabrics that were used in the Scottish skirts.

Red nails with rings

An interesting way to embellish your hands is to paint your nails red, but adding rings of different shapes, you give an interesting touch to your hand. There are also midi ring options, which you can use in the middle of your finger.

Bright red-orange nails

For those more daring and who love color, we propose this bright red with a touch of orange, this color will not pass unnoticed, and also, it reminds us of the neon trend.

Extra bright red nails

We can all agree that an enamel should have a beautiful glossy finish. This gives light to your nails and make you see how well cared you have them. Add to your normal enamel a transparent one that is shiny and not only gives you greater beauty, but also protects them so that the color does not go so fast.

Nails with red highlights

This is your ideal choice for the night, you can choose a base color, in this case white, and then apply some red spark to complement your party outfit.

Red nails in Paris

Combining techniques is an interesting way to paint your nails, in this suggestion, we’ll present a red enamel with texture, combined with white and different figures, such as the Eiffel Tower, symbol not only of Paris, but also of fashion and words like “Love”, which remind us of the romanticism of the color red.

Nails with fruit print

Another fun way to apply stamping on your nails is with fruits. Just take the tip of the brush of your enamel and apply red dots, then complete with green and brown to form your apple. You can also apply it on the entire nail or even try other fruits like the strawberry.

Pointy red nails combining various techniques

In this style, you can find how to give a different touch to your nails combining different styles. You can apply on one of them a base of red color and then on apply a glaze with bright, on the other apply a chart of kisses and even use a matte style to contrast with the radiant of other nails.

Red and silver nails

Another of our favorite styles is to paint your red nails, but applying one of them another color. In this case, we show you how shiny silver is a must have, which you can even combine with your favorite silver jewelry.

Red nails with heart shape

This is a technique for those who have a sweeter side but want to take advantage of their beautiful pointed nails to try different styles. You only have to apply with your brush a little color as if you were to make a point on one side of the nail and then continue the lines down. Add a sophisticated touch with small diamonds.

Red nails with flowers

These are perfect to add a feminine touch to your look, they remind us of that beautiful spring full of flowers. Add small branches to look like trees full of flowers.

Red nails with contrast color

Using a single color can sometimes be monotonous, so we suggest to use more than one to contrast and add more fun. In this case it is a clear blue triangle shape that you can make with a little transparent tape, then you have left to dry the red base and if you want you can add a white line also to complete.

Geometric red nails: stripes and dots

Playing with shapes and colors is an incredible idea when painting your nails. In this case we suggest to choose two colors, red and white, where you paint opposite way with a small point at the base of the nail. You can paint another with fun red stripes and finally use a textured enamel.

Red nails with apples

Choose your favorite fruit and add a funny touch to your nails. Paint only the tip red and using green and brown add the waist and the blade. To finish add blank details, which give greater depth and truth to your apple.

Red nails with pink base

This is another subtle yet elegant way to show off your nails, choose a wine red color and completely paint your nails, then with a pale pink pints the base of the nail and voila, there you have a new style that is very easy to do. If you want to do it with more precision you can use the tape technique and cut it into small pieces with the shape that you like, when you finish painting on it, you just remove it and you already have your half circle.

Red nails with red and white lines

Color lines are another option that you do not want to stop trying. It is very easy to do, you only have to paint your nail a base color and with a very fine brush make horizontal lines with the second color, you can even try to do with horizontal lines or even criss-cross.

Red nails for Halloween

This is a great idea for when Halloween comes. With this print of spider webs you can complement your best costume. Add small spiders to give the final touch, either in your nails or painted in your hands.

Nails with different shades of red

Tired of typical bright red? Use different shades of red to modernize your nails. In this case you can as always take a base color as pink or the lightest of the reds and paint your nail and then with two other shades of red, apply on the sides of the nail this technique, to form a triangle in the center.

Red nails with “Marbles” technique

The Marble technique is a very interesting one that you can apply in your nails, you just have to take a container with water and with thick colored glazes, take the brush and leave in the water, then with a toothpick design the form that you want for your fingernails, and immerse your nail inside. When you finish you clean your finger and there you will have a very original and interesting effect.

Red nails with reinfused “french”

We all remember the classic French style with cream nails and white tips, dare to try a new version and modernize your look by painting your nails in red and adding in the tip a touch of silver, and if it is metalized. even better.

Red nails ready for the party

When you want to party, the first thing you think is in brightness! Who does not like to shine with their nails? Well, we show you how to do it. Buy an enamel that has glitter and combine it with different colors. You can also buy the red and gray enamel, and buy the bright ones and then put them in the enamel container.

Basic nails with a touch of color

For those who believe that less is more, here I have a proposal to prove the opposite. Apply different techniques to your nails that seemed basic and you will see how they stand out. Use a french with another color like this pale pink with a small golden line, you can add flowers or, if you want, paint a single coat of red and add golden dots.

Red nails with silver surprise

Metallic glazes are the best, they highlight the classic red nails in a different way. Apply the red on all your nails and surprise with a silver metallic color.

Red nails to match your shoes

Accessories, like nails, are always an important part of your outfit. Dare to combine them to add color and uniformity from head to toe, and I assure you that you will see the change.

Red nails of autumn

You remember how autumn leaves trees without leaves, because that same effect you can imitate it with your nails, you just have to take your brush, paint only one side of red and with a black color and a fine brush draw the branches of the tree.

Nails with metallic red

Meet the colored metallic enamels, these give a very modern touch to your nails and you can use it in all or combine it with another one of the techniques that you have seen previously.

Black nails with red highlights

Those who love dark colors, this is a perfect style. Use a matte black enamel base, then apply a neutral enamel that comes with glossy. To give a more interesting and different look, apply only on the top of the nail.

Red nails degraded with black

Following with the dark line, here we have another very interesting option, are the nails with degraded colors. You can use this technique easily at home just by taking your favorite glazes, paint a makeup sponge and then apply it on your nails, practice and you will see.

Red nails gift

We all love gifts, apply some now in your nails. Paint them in a shiny silver and add a red bow to complete your own gift.

Red nails with various designs

Combine your favorite designs using the two-color contrast; red and white. In this example we show you one with dots, stripes and a beautiful red heart.

Red wine matte nails

The matte enamels are super fashionable at this time, try this incredible dark wine red to add elegance to your nails.

Red nails with white spots

With the moles the possibilities are infinite, here you can see how they can be applied in different sizes forming a V. You can complete your design by adding diamonds in the center.

Nails with red triangle

Dare to be different and try this style with a triangle in the middle. It uses a pale pink enamel as a base and a red with glitter for the design.

Glamorous red nails

When it comes to glamour, glitter is the first idea that comes to mind, so try this style for your party outings. It combines styles and colors, such as red with gold glitter or adding small gold diamonds.

Half natural red half nails

Sometimes we want a simple and delicate style for our nails, so we suggest this example in which you paint half of red and leave the other part of natural color, to finish add a small golden diamond in the center and a natural enamel with brightness.

Red wine mats with diamonds

Finally we show you this model of wine red matte that you can use with your long nails and combine them with diamonds of different colors and sizes.

Dare to be different and try these styles, time can not be an excuse, because, with some little practice, you can create an infinity of styles, and here we will be to always give you new ideas.



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