5 Different Ways To Use A Nail Stamper!

In the world of nail art there is a before and after with the new generation of stamps. By the start, there was the red and firm rubber stamp of Konad on the podium if you could not access the pink Chinese copies (so bad that made any beginner want to start in the hobby). The Konad worked very well but the hardness of the rubber made it difficult to apply the design to the edge of the nail and could even hurt if we took very long because of the pressure that was required to transfer the design. And not to mention the difficulty in aligning designs with the method of rolling the seal on the nail, the straight lines were unthinkable. Does it bring you memories?

I don’t know who we should be grateful for experimenting with other materials but certainly the new generations of stamps have made it possible for stamping to be easier and for achieving better results. Now there are a number of options of silicone stampers of different consistencies:

“Rigid” white silicon are seals barely softer than the red ones of Konad. White silicone and soft or marshmellow colors have a much softer consistency than the Konad, we can sink the nail into the seal. Silica is soft, white and sticky, it’s the same as above but with a very very sticky surface.

Today I want to show you five ways to use a Nail Stampers. You need to start with nails that are painted with the base color you chose and completely dry. Also, double or triple up on the top coat as “stamping insurance.”

5 Different Ways To Use A Nail Stamper


  • Mandala Stamping Plate
  • Clear Nail Stamper
  • Nail Brushes
  • Basecoat
  • Top Coat

Nail polish Colors:

  • Essence – I Love Marshmallows
  • Catrice – (S)wimbledon
  • piCture pOlish – Wisteria
  • Milani – Bombshell
  • Essie – Pret-A-Surfer
  • Anny – Sky Walker

Traditional Stamping Way

The first and most widely used way to use a nail stamper is to cover half of the stamp with polish, then use a scraper to spread it through the rest of the stamp and remove any excess. Afterwards just put your stamper over the design and apply it to your nail, removing the excess after.

Ombre Stamping

Pretty similar to the previous one. Cover half of the stamp with one color, then half with the other color. Then just remove the excess and apply the stamp to your nail.

Reverse stamping

Apply a simple stamp on the plate, scrape it and pick it up with the stamper. Then, you’re going to paint over the stamp using different colored polishes. Let it dry for at least 30 minutes, remove from the stamper, and apply the backside of the now-dry stamp to your nail.

Other Reverse stamping

There’s another way to do it: make sure to not get too messy while painting over it, and apply it over your nail. Easy peasy.

Stamping marble

You can use the stamper as a canvas too. Just apply some dots as marbles, and apply that over the nail. Clean up, and you’re done.

Have you tried some of these out?

Source: cutepolish


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