5 mistakes when using nail stamping plates

Nail stamping is a technique that is very fashionable thanks to the most famous fashion houses. These brands have introduced new and elegant designs in the small world of stamping previously , plates that for my taste were always a somewhat cute.

Now you have a wide assortment of plates of super cute designs at your disposal, so that you always choose the style most in line with your personality.

Stamping has its tricks, it’s a technique that requires practice. I still remember my first few times, and it was a total disaster! But the same thing happened to me with the marbling on the water and now I don’t have fear.

The great advantage is that everyone can do it, it is not really necessary to know how to draw or have a lot of dexterity. It is a mechanical procedure that is polished with practice.

In this video I wanted to teach you a few stamping things you are doing wrong when stamping nails,  I also tell you what my favorite glazes are for painting and how to make the drawing centered on the nail.

5 things you do not do well when stamping nails



  • Mini Mani Moo – Lavender
  • Bundle Monster – Indikon
  • Bundle Monster – Stockholm Blossom
  • Mini Mani Moo – Mint
  • Serendipity – Big Red Bow
  • Top coat: Essie – Good To Go

Stamping plates:

  • Whats Up Nails – B001
  • ÜberChic – Plate 12-02
  • Bundle Monster – Kawaii Emoji (BM-XL325)
  • MoYou London – Tropical Collection 07
  • Winstonia – Love Of Henna

It is possible that you are very excited, and you want to use your plate immediately, so, as soon as you take it out of its box, you apply the nail polish, and when you pass the stamper, there is suddenly nothing. It turns out that the plates come with protective adhesive that you should remove when buying.

Another common mistake is not to apply the proper pressure when stamping the nails, put enough Nail polish and make adequate pressure, that is, neither very firm, nor very soft, practice until you achieve it.

Another headache is the stamper itself, stamps made of dark colored materials do not allow you to see the image or the nail, so choose transparent ones, so it is much easier to maintain control, there are hundreds of offers on the market.

The nail polish is another important thing to keep in mind, if you use a very light the image will not have enough strength, choose nail polish thick and strong colors, there are a variety of special nail polishes available on the market Stamping.

It is incredible but a very common failure is not waiting for the proper drying time of the nail polish before applying the top coat, you must give the time enough to make the print is completely dry, so the image will remain intact and your design Of nails very professional.

Well friends, I hope these nail-stamping tips have been useful to you, they are small details that sometimes we do not take into account but that can be very important.


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