6 easy nail art designs for beginners

Starting with nail art can look like a pretty hard task: after all, intricate and detailed designs over a nail’s surface isn’t easy at all, right? That’s where you’re wrong! Actually, nail art can be pretty easy to start with, and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be. You don’t even need tools for doing these 6 easy designs for beginners shown in the following video! Just use things you have lying around in your house, your favorite nail polishes, and a bit of patience, and you’ll see these original design flourishing! Without much ado, here go 6 easy nail art designs for beginners that you’re sure going to love.

6 easy nail art designs for beginners

Suggested Materials

  • Blue nail polish of different shades
  • Acrylic paintings
  • Phosphorescent yellow nail polish
  • Black and white nail polish
  • Vegetable cosmetic sponge
  • Base and top coat

Ombre illusion

This isn’t quite an ombre effect, but rather an illusion. It looks pretty similar, and it’s a thousand times easier to make. To do it, you’ll need four nail polishes, preferably from the same color family in different shades. Then, you’ll use the darkest color as a base, paint a line in the middle with the second darkest color, an even skinnier line with the lighter one and then a straight line in the middle using the lightest color. Then apply your favorite top coat and you’re done.

Splatter nails

For this design, you’re gonna need 3 colors (it can be acrylic paint or nail polish) and a plastic wrap. Put your paint on a mixing tray, use the plastic wrap to splatter some paint on your nail, and repeat with the other colors. Then, remove the excess and apply a top coat.

Emoji nails

Yep, you can do emoji nails for cheap. And it’s pretty easy too! Just apply some yellow paint on a Ziploc bag, cut it out into a little circle, then place it on your nail. Then, with a bobby pin, dip it into red nail polish and add the red hearts on the eyes. Do the same with the black mouth, apply top coat, and done.

Who wears cheetah

Animal print is also a really popular design and one that’s really easy to make as well! Just apply a white base, then paint little circles on top with the color of your choice. Then, with either your nail polish brush or a toothpick, draw the details with a black polish, and apply top coat.

Cute feather thingie

This looks pretty elaborate actually, but it’s rather really simple! You don’t need tools for this one either. Just apply some color over your nail using a sponge, then draw a diagonal black line using a toothpick or a nail polish brush. Either will work fine. Then apply the details of the feather using a toothpick. You just gotta wisp out the paint using the toothpick. Then, apply your top coat, and you’re done with this one.

Newspaper nail

I believe this is actually the most simple one out of the 6 we’ve chosen. Dip your nail (previously coated in white polish) in rubbing alcohol. Then, take a piece of newspaper and press it over your nail for about 20 seconds. Peel off, apply top coat. And you’ll have a pretty original design in seconds.

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