7 great ideas in nail art that only require dotting tools

Nail dotting tools are a must have nowadays if you plan on doing serious nail art. It’s a pretty cheap tool that can expand your artistic capabilities to the max. It can help you with patterns and intricate designs without actually involving stamping or other tricks. And the best part: you can use pretty much everything as a dotting tool! The possibilities are endless, so take advantage of them.

Nail dotters are just one of many nail art tools available for purchase nowadays. It’s a little metal tool consisting of a small metal ball on the tip. It can be of different sizes, and you can find them online for really low prices. So it is, really, a must have. As the name says, the main and core function of a nail dotter is to mark dots and lines on your nails using nail polish. You can fulfill this purpose with pretty much anything, like a pencil, a toothpick, or a pen. However, it’s recommended to actually have a dedicated dotting tool to make things way easier and improve accuracy on your nail art adventures. However, you don’t have to limit your dotting tool to just simple dots. You can make whole designs using only your dotter. And that’s why youtuber Nicole Louise made a whole video on the subject. Make sure you got your dotting tool handy – you’re gonna need it.

For example, we got a nice daisy flower design which also uses golden studs. We have a cute ice cream, a leopard pattern using just dots, little clouds, a changing-shade circle succession, colored sparkles and a cute cupcake. The surprising part? These are all made using just a dotting tool with different tips and lots of nail polishes. And the final results look absolutely awesome. Don’t believe me? Just watch the video for all the procedures and final results, and see for yourself how everything looks in the end.

That being said, here are 7 designs that only require a dotting tool. They’re pretty easy and original to do! Want to give them a try? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Seven simple ideas of nail art using a dotting tool.


  • White nail polish
  • Black nail polish
  • Fuchsia nail polish
  • Orange nail polish
  • Purplish nail polish
  • yellow Nail polish
  • Nude glaze
  • Base coat
  • Top coat
  • dotting tool


For the first design, just paint a base of nude color and with the middle pointer make groups of 5 white points which, in order to unite with a central one of gold color. You can place applications or semiprecious stones also, the colors can be varied.

Ice cream

On a white base of solid color, paint a triangular cone of beige. On it, add three large points and with the brush of the fuchsia enamel, paint a semicircle until the edge of the cuticula, and decorate with a multicolor glitter.

Leopard print

For this beautiful design of leopard skin, start by applying a white base, on it begin to place large spots of beige and skirts with the small pointer and black enamel.


On a sky blue base, add groups of white dots in the form of clouds, seal and give some shine with a top coat.

Gradient Nail

This nail design starts with a gray base, with the large pointer and 5 shades of blue build a center line of dots, it’s all, super simple.


This nail art of points is super easy, in a base of transparent shine, distribute a rain of small and medium points in different pastel colors. Do not reach the lower end, the idea is to create an illusion of rain.


For the last nail design, on a bare base paint a rectangle of the color of your preference on the application of large white dots to make the cream cup, add a red dot for the cherry, and multiple dots of colors for decoration. Precious, isn’t it?

Watch the video carefully for the details, imagine, project and create, you can do it!

Source:Nicole Louise


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