Animal print Nail art in pastel colors

Animal prints have a long history that dates back to the caverns, where cavemen used animal fur to protect themselves from the cold and wind. Thousands of years later, these garments were used to mark a symbol of wealth as well as a social class, for example the Caciques of many tribes in Africa. The first modern usage of animal print dates to the 1920s, when actress Gloria Swanson started using it.

While Animal Print was present throughout the 20th century, in the 1960s during the Bohemian period, animal printmaking became popular in the United States. Many garments have been made such as bathing suits, hats, dresses, pants, etc. The 1950s marked the beginning of Animal Print when Betty Page is encouraged to wear one of these garments and captivated the attention of many designers, one of them Christian Dior who reinterprets it and takes it to the Chic world.

Animal Print Heart Nail Art


  • Base coat
  • Pastel shades (use a different color for each nail)
  • Dotting tool or toothpick
  • Black Nail polish


First off, we are going to add a transparent base coat in order to protect your natural nails and continue adding the pastel shade. Then we’ll add a pastel shade of our choice, and we’ll proceed to make the hearts.

In order to make perfect hearts easily, you can dip your dotting tool or toothpick in polish (use a polish with a darker shade of your nail color), and draw a short diagonal line. After that, we’ll add in another diagonal line, this time facing the opposite side, and make them meet at the bottom, so it can have the shape of a heart. Repeat this, and try to aim for at least 3-4 hearts for every nail.

Next off, we’ll partially outline the heart using a black polish and the same dotting tool or toothpick you’ve used. Dip it, and paint the top and the bottom of the hard in order to make them look like leopard spots. Don’t worry about it being imperfect, since this nail art is doodle inspired, and you probably want it to look homemade.

Repeat this process using the other colors, and you’ll have this impressive design in minutes.


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