Detachable Nail Bows very easy

You can find all kinds of decorations in nail art: from little studs from many colors, to completely exaggerated decorations like full-sized bows. Today, we are talking about the latter. There has been an increasing trend in big decorations, and this detachable bow is an example of that: something that will make your nails stand out from a huge crowd while not hampering the movement of your hand or bothering you at all. This is a pretty original idea you should seriously consider. Decorations like this one and other kinds of decorations (not including polish) have existed for thousands of years: in China, people used gold and silver to decorate theirĀ nails. By that time, it became common to use long nails. But in 1964, it was found that the pharaoh Nyuserra also had manicure and decorated his nails. Then, if your nails were painted or decorated with vivid colors, that meant you belonged to the royal family, while slaves could only use muted colors. Without further talking let’s dive into the video.



The actual nail art depicted in the video is a pretty simple one. On your index and pinkie, you’re going to apply a base coat, then apply a red polish to both nails. On your middle and ring finger you’re going to apply the same base coat, but apply a white polish instead on both nails. Let it dry, and then you’re going to take out your dotting tool. Place some little white dots on both red nails, and then place red dots on the middle finger only. You’re going to place your bow on the ring finger, so leave that one clean.

Using some nail art glue, you’re going to place a little dot of glue on the ring finger, right in the middle, and over that place the magnet. Make sure to not use any metal tools, just use your fingers for that. Afterwards, just place the bow on top and it should go right in. You can have multiple bow colors and models, as it’s a magnet what’s keeping the piece in place.

SourceĀ cutepolish

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