Embroidery Folk Art Nails video tutorial

Today we are opening, and we’re bringing you a beautiful and original tribal nail design, also known as ethnic or Embroidery Folk…

Many fashion designers like to take a look at different cultures and traditions when it comes to designing clothes, and it’s the same for nail designers and the world of Nail art. This is because they are seen as different and exotic, since most of the things used in these cultures are based on patterns and images that are not seen in our daily lives when it comes to ethnic patterns and inspiration.

Flower nail art - Manicure

The main areas where designers seek inspiration are Asia, Africa, South America and indigenous populations, where they will use images in disguises, such as Aboriginal clothing or Native American culture, where patterns exalt colors and shapes.

You’ll find a lot of ethnic patterns in the hippie movement. Here’s when the ethnic style became a more common aspect in general design. The “hippies” of the seventies wore a lot of ethnic clothing in their style, ranging from embroidery of Indian mirrors, through Afghan coats, sari material skirts and peasant blouses to suede vests with North American influences. Patterns of seams and forms today invade the world of fashion, each one more beautiful, original and colorful than the other. Today, we dedicate a nail art to this special trend.


Step by Step

This design set is actually based on three different patterns. For the middle finger and thumb we will paint a base in red color, with a detail brush we’ll carefully delineate the edge, making sure that the line is no more than 2 millimeters towards the edges and widening towards the center in the style of French nails. At the top towards the cuticle we will make a group of four midpoints with the pointer, simulating a white wild flower, for the index finger and the ring finger, we will start with a base of white color and then we’ll add an inverted triangle towards the cuticle of red color. Then, we’ll paint white edges in which we simulate small seams, towards the center of the nail we will paint a flower formed by a group of five points that we will seal the center with a point, we add leaves in color to see and blue dots following the pattern of the video, now we will take the remaining finger with white base and we will outline bordering in red with the brush of detail, add small lines that simulate stitches on the frame in the free center distributes Groups of five points of the colors that you choose to make the flowers paints as many as are necessary for the length of your nails. Add leaves in green and close the centers with points. Seal and shine with the top coat.

I am very anxious to see how original we can be, do not hesitate to send photos of your creations, we’ll love to hear from you.

Source: Janelle Estep



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