Lace Stamping & Floral Pattern Nail Art Tutorial

Flower designs have been worn by everyone since thousands of years ago; why not? They’re cute, and they can add some much needed sass to your nail art. Flowers can be seen on all kinds of clothing, going from shirts, to pants, to hats, and you can even have flower inspired makeup.

With the year 2016 flowers became more trendy and mainstream, and that trend continues in 2017, with many fashion designers presenting their flower-inspired clothing lines. So, let’s avoid wasting more time and jump right in, shall we? This design is really complex, but with enough patience, you can get it done easily.

Lace Stamping and Floral Pattern Nails


  • Kinetics Nail System Bosa Nova
  • Bundle Monster Poli Peel
  • Creative Shop Stamping Plate 34
  • Indigo Nails Ibiza Chill
  • Indigo Nails Tutti Frutti
  • Indigo Nails Summer Joy
  • Indigo Nails Pink-a-Colada
  • Indigo Nails Mr White
  • Picture Polish Chillax
  • Powder Perfect Black stamping polish
  • Seche Vite Top Coat

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First of all, we’re going to get the base done. Using the Bosa Nova, we’re going to paint the top half of the nail, and the bottom half using the Poli Peel by Bundle Monster. After that, we’re going to grab our stamping plate, and we’ll stamp the design of our choice on the top half. Of course, the one in the video fits better, so you may want to use that. Remove any excess.

Now, the most tedious part by far is painting the flowers themselves, but it only requires patience and some precision. Using the Ibiza Chill and the Tutti Frutti, we’re going to paint the base of the flowers and the main outline of the petals. Then, we’re gonna use the remaining colors to add some highlight to the flower in a darkest to brightest order: first using the Summer Joy for the main highlight, then using the Pink-a-Colada and finally using the Mr White.

Then, add some more details, using the Chillax and the black stamping polish by Powder Perfect. By now our design should be done, so make sure to apply your top coat to add some protection, then repeat with the other nails.

What do you think? Would you like to try out this design?

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