+140 NAIL DESIGNS 2018

The most important fashion shows in the world are over. They brought with them many of the clothing trends that we will see, but not only that, they also dictate what type of makeup will be worn or what type of nail art will be in king in the coming seasons.

50 Nail art design ideas 2017
50 Nail art design ideas 2017


nail art designs 2017

Just as the little dress is one of the basics, sapphire or matte black enamel will be one of the best things to do this season. Black nails with a shiny finish on pointed ones will be a constant.nail art designs 2017

nail art designs 2017

nail art designs 2017

The dots, the fine lines in pastel colors are the queens of this trend that sets standards in 2017. Ideal for girls who like simple designs but with a chic touch

nail art designs 2017

nail art designs 2017

It does not matter if it is a gold rose or a silver one, the metallic colors will become one of the basic ones as far as enamels we refer. Brown, gray and olive green tones appear. The mirror effect will be one of the spoiled

nail art designs 2017

This art of designing flowers on the nails, is for those who love their freedom. You could use tools like nails or stickers to create a design of this type easily with a little practice.nail art designs 2017

Stickers can be made at home, creating a design on a plastic sheet. Once dry, use tweezers to gently pull and remove the paper design and glue it onto the base paint. This is a simple nail design for a beginner.nail art designs 2017

nail art designs 2017

Nail Art designs come in a lot of variations and styles for everyone, from a schoolgirl to an elementary student to a housewife or a working woman, you can also try them out of the traditional and add Class and style to their nails.


20 nail art designs that are trend

From beginners to professional nail artists, everyone can try out these incredible nail designs. Let’s see some nail ideas can be created simply by using the basic tools or supplies found in any home.

For you to anticipate and be the first to wear the hottest colors of the , check this.

nail art designs 2017

Short nails will continue to be a trend, but if you are a woman who loves to wear long, do not worry. Just as the nude tone managed to conquer the lipstick, so did the enamels. It will remain an extraordinary alternative for women who seek to wear them impeccably.A classic

With class, it is all we can say about this work of art, of nails designed with gray color. Alternating nails with brightness and normal color and you will see how your nails seem to have what is called “Class”

The color of the year, according to Pantone, is a bitter green tone that reminds us of the magic of nature. Spring does not need to start to use

Red refuses to die and its consolidation as one of the classics every season, is a fact. For the first half of the year 2017  the colors based on orange will be seen in many events.


Flower Nail art – 40 beautiful ideas

Geometric designs: lines, squares and even circles will be the protagonists of our hands with very striking colors.

The geometric shapes will prevail in the coming months and if they are the neutral colors, much better. The French manicure mutated and left behind the white color to give way to more daring combinations and slightly more suggestive lines.

Who would say no to this one? . Try something different for each of your nails and you will be surprised.

Turn dried flowers and delicate colors for our nails. A style that is gradually enlarged and rightly so, as it is committed to gluing and / or designing small dried flowers in a soft color background that will highlight all the delicacy of the most classic women.
Nails are an accessory and for many a form of expression. You just need to be inspired and encouraged by any of these trends.

If you do not want to play with multiple nuances, try this with a single color or choose a color from the same family to match the theme.

For the more daring, this is a much more intense version of broken glass viral nails, giving a more holographic effect. The striking style is created With an enamel with glitter

Dark tones are being combined with gold in nail art 2017, silver or white, creating a contrast that stands out.


20 Elegant nail art designs

Since last year the cuticles started to take center stage, but the 2017 will still continue to reign. This design proposes to add tiny metallic eyelashes through a small enamel or decoration. Also known as “shadow nails”, they are ideal for those who prefer short nails or like a minimalist touch with zero drying time.

It will also be the trend of 2017 to wear black combined with earthy (or autumnal) colors and iridescent colors

The nails with designs that combine black and white provides a very modern look that is captivating the taste of women of different ages.






I hope these ideas have liked and that this 2017 look nails very trendy! If you want to learn or know something more about the care of our nails comment in the bottom that surely will read them running.



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