Ombre Nail art – Diy Video

They are back with a vengeance: the ombré nails. Huh, what ?! Yes, it may be that there will not immediately ring a bell when you hear this term. That’s okay, we like to put it out here! Ombre is a kind of nail art in which different colors smooth run into each other. But how do you do this, you wonder …

Stamping is a pretty fun trend that’s been taking off the last couple of months. It can bring you some pretty interesting and eye catching design for your nails with minimal effort and resources. That’s why you should be trying out this nail art design featuring ombre stamping and a wide range of colors.

Ombre Stamping Nail Art
Ombre Stamping Nail Art

“Ombre” is french for “shaded”, and it’s just fancy slang referring to a color shading from dark to light, or viceversa. It’s a pretty common technique in hair dyeing, nail art and in pretty much every aspect of fashion. This tutorial is a pretty interesting take on that, featuring stamps and many different colors.

Ombre Stamping Nail Art


  • OPI Infinite Shine-Bubble Bath Base
  • BORN PRETTY Round 5.5cm Stamping Plate
  • Clear Jelly Nail Art Stamper
  • Zoya-Dory Blue
  • Zoya-Liv Purple
  • Your clean up brush of choice
  • China Glaze-Fairy Dust Holo
  • INM-Out the Door Top Coat


First off start by adding and applying your OPI base. The video actually skips this part, but it’s important. Then you’re going to take your stamping plate and apply both the blue and purple as shown in the video. Take your scraper, and then stamp it onto the Jelly stamper (you can use any stamper actually, but if you can stick to the materials used in the video then it’s way better).

Apply it to your middle and ring finger nails, you should have blue and purple halves. Remove the excess, then paint the remaining nails using your purple polish. On your stamped nails, you’re going to apply your China Glaze holo polish, to add the sparkly look. To finish off, apply your Out the Door Top Coat (again, any top coat will do the trick just fine, but for this tutorial we’ll stick to the materials in the video).

Repeat this process with your other hand and you’ll have an absolutely attractive design in minutes matter. What do you think of this tutorial?

Source: eabnailart


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